Collages are full-fledged works of art. Some may accuse them of unworthy of modesty or too much lightness. However, this approach no longer makes sense today. At present, nobody knows exactly. what a work of art should look like.

Source: Maria Anna Potocka Poezja poważna, poezja niepoważna i wyklejanki

Marlena Machnio

Marlena Machnio – a Polish contemporary collage artist. The main motifs appearing on her works are models, exclusive interiors from journals, archival photographs and motifs taken from pop culture.

She was creating sensitive compositions right from the beginning of her career (Deep dark soul, Colors of the passing year, Haute Couture), which resulted in the artist’s collaboration with the Spanish photographer Ivan Clemente and the founder of the American brand Vido, Umaimah Mendhro. The works done in 2017-2018 include, among others, the personal aspect e.g. Out of color, Revolution or And You, What would You do for love.

The artist draws inspiration from numerous trips to the most important fashion capitals such as Paris or Berlin. Her works consist of materials from very different and often distant parts of Europe.